A heavy-duty skill in air freight

We are young and dynamic company in Air Cargo GSSA services representing airlines in their local sales as well as their specialized operational and service activities.

GC Air Ltd. is the young and dynamic company in Air Cargo GSSA services representing airlines in their local sales as well as their specialized operational and service activities. Founders of our company are reputable experts with long term international experiences from both cargo airlines and freight forwarding industries. The company was built in Czech Republic knowing the gaps and reserves in some aspects of service in the local market and built its philosophy and activities on the focus to improve and develop this type of services to maximum customers’ satisfaction.

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These are the core pillars we build our philosophy on:


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Air cargo news

HKG battery fire leads to Hong Kong Airlines embargo on Vivo phones


A battery fire at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) on April 11 led Hong Kong Airlines’ cargo subsidiary, Hong Kong Air Cargo, to issue an embargo of all Vivo mobile phones, as well as all cargo from logistics companies Cargo Link Logistics HK Co Ltd and Sky Pacific Logistics HK Co Ltd.

SF Express taps Pipistrel to develop VTOL cargo drone


Shenzhen-based express carrier, SF Express, is partnering with Pipistrel Aircraft and its UAV software engineering affiliate Amazilia Aerospace to develop an unmanned vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) cargo drone.

Retail Race: Customs rushes to keep up with cross-border e-commerce


The lockdowns spurred by COVID-19 in most countries beginning around April 2020 had a drastic effect on passenger aviation and also prompted a change in how people shopped during the pandemic, accelerating both the growth of e-commerce and the subsequent airfreight capacity shortage in the lower hol…


Airline GSSA

The most important point for every airline is to ensure sales and promotion of its unique brand in every market. The brand is composed of company culture, quality standards, own special features leading to individual product portfolio.

Cargo Charters

In today’s competitive environment the producers very often need to solve emergency situations affecting their regular supply chain material flow. Together with our partners we locate and position a dedicated aircraft capacity according to the customer’s requirements.

Handling Coordination

Except for the top-notch airlines in their home gateways, majority of carriers are dependant on their cargo handling agents, GHA for short. GHAs are responsible for accepting, storing and manifesting shipments for airlines' flights.

Interline Services

Sometimes more airlines are needed to make sure a shipment travels to the desired destination. Such cooperation is called interline and we like interlines a lot!

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Airlines we represent

Air Europa
Oman Air
Pegasus Cargo
Ural Airlines
Belavia Airlines
FedEx Express
Air Asia X
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