A heavy-duty skill in air freight

We are young and dynamic company in Air Cargo GSSA services representing airlines in their local sales as well as their specialized operational and service activities.

GC Air Ltd. is the young and dynamic company in Air Cargo GSSA services representing airlines in their local sales as well as their specialized operational and service activities. Founders of our company are reputable experts with long term international experiences from both cargo airlines and freight forwarding industries. The company was built in Czech Republic knowing the gaps and reserves in some aspects of service in the local market and built its philosophy and activities on the focus to improve and develop this type of services to maximum customers’ satisfaction.

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These are the core pillars we build our philosophy on:


09:30J9 038PRGKWI14:35
09:35JU 611PRGBEG11:30
11:35XY 384PRGRUH18:30
16:15PC 302PRGSAW19:50
20:35JU 615PRGBEG22:30
21:55XY 356PRGRUH04:50
21:55OG 535PRGKEF00:10


Airline GSSA

The most important point for every airline is to ensure sales and promotion of its unique brand in every market. The brand is composed of company culture, quality standards, own special features leading to individual product portfolio. Being former managers at several well respected cargo airlines we personally attended in creation, development and retention of such brand.

We have been cooperating with many GSSAs world wide, therefore we know airliners view on what the ideal GSSA should be and how it performs to be the most dignified and reliable commercial representative and prolonged service hand of air carrier in the local markets.

  • Complete sales representation in the local market
  • Customer services in full range of export and import
  • Focused marketing support
  • Complete airline cargo capacity management
  • Permanent track & trace updates
  • Claim/complaints solving and coordination
  • Dedicated airline staff services
  • Operational flight preparation
  • Dispatch of all special commodities including DGR
  • ULD management
  • Airline accounting
  • Interline hub services and transfer coordination
  • Road feeder Services
  • DDS – Door delivery service for Airlines

Cargo Charters

In today’s competitive environment the producers very often need to solve emergency situations affecting their regular supply chain material flow.

There are quite a few time definite products deployed on the market they may pick from, however a unique – AIR CARGO CHARTER – may be the only solution … and more occasions to name:

  • Automotive & Aircraft Parts
  • Project freight / special heavy or oversized equipment
  • Valuable or otherwise sensitive shipments
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Humanitarian Aid

Together with our partners we locate and position a dedicated aircraft capacity according to the customer’s requirements. We ensure the timely and safe loading at the origin airport as well as unloading at the destination. If requested, the pre/on-carriage and other related services like documentation, customs clearance etc. available.

We are 24/7 on duty, monitoring your shipment either on ground or in the air.

Handling Coordination

Except for the top-notch airlines in their home gateways, majority of carriers are dependant on their cargo handling agents, GHA for short. GHAs are responsible for accepting, storing and manifesting shipments for airlines' flights.

It is vital for our company to always keep great relationships with GHAs and making sure they do their job well in the same time. We hold regular common briefing sessions as we realize our responsibility communicating the needs between freight forwarders and GHA, and equally same between airlines and their GHA. Everything must be running smooth as silk!

  • Negotiation of handling agreement on behalf of airlines
  • Possibility to operate under GC Air handling agreements
  • Handling supervising
  • Coordination of handling in origin, transit hub, destination
  • Regular operational briefings

Interline Services

Sometimes more airlines are needed to make sure a shipment travels to the desired destination. Such cooperation is called interline and we like interlines a lot! For sure, each airline knows well their niche markets, but if there is a destination outside respective airlines' online service, it doesn't mean we can't reach it.

We are well skilled in making interline agreements with variety of airlines, controlling all the transfer points on the way to make sure the two or more airlines have worked great together from drop-off to delivery.

  • Development and maintenance of Interline hub – easy transfer from carrier to carrier
  • Coordination and supervising of interline shipments throughout carriers on route
  • Interline Track&Trace including world wide Proof of Delivery
  • Special prorate agreements retention, bilateral agreements negotiation